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Business Law Training

Law Training for Business Managers

Do you own or manage a business? Can you afford to be ignorant of the law?

Our business law training courses are intended to provide practical information to help you understand the laws that govern your everyday working life: contracts with customers & suppliers, advertising, terms & conditions, liabilities for negligence, consumer rights, your rights and obligations under competition law ... the list of things you should know, but possibly don't is almost endless ...

Business Law Training

When you run a business you are perpetually operating in a legal environment, and pretty much everything you do is influenced by some aspect of law - whether it is dealing with customers or suppliers, managing staff, developing products or simply getting paid, everything is governed by legislation.

We provide cost-effective courses on UK and EU law and policy, aimed at meeting the needs of businesses and business managers.

Courses can range from basic contract law, negligence (tort) liability, through to employment law, and can cover the legal practicalities of trading across International and EU borders - dealing with debt recovery, or competition law and product distribution conflicts, for example - or areas of EU law that directly apply to UK businesses such as EU social and employment policy.

All our business law courses are intended to give you a basic practical knowledge of the topic to help you more clearly understand your legal rights and obligations during the day-to-day running of your business; our aim is to empower you in the management of your business so you can avoid the costly pitfalls of legal disputes.

We recommend that if a business has a specific training requirement that they contact us and tell us what training they are looking for. We will then put together a programme which focuses on the areas the client wants to cover, which ensures that the training budget is well targeted and and the training meets the business objectives. We do not charge extra for this service, but take this approach in order to ensure that our customers needs are met.


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