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Private Law Tuition

All too often, you will not receive the personal support you need during your university education. This is particularly true if you are from overseas and where English is not your first language.

Our principal lecturer, Claire Bradley, provides private tuition to students in the Hampshire region that feel they need extra support during their university course. This may be on a one-to-one basis or for small groups, and is intended to compliment your university classes.

Key benefits include ...

  • personalised teaching, focusing on your specific needs and the areas that you don't understand
  • pre-submission review of essays and assignments to ensure you have correctly understood and answered the question

If you wish to find out more about how Claire can help you, email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Revision and Essay Support for Law Students

Understand the question...

The most common reason for a student to do badly in an essay is they have failed to correctly answer the question, usually because they have just written down everything that they know about that particular topic, without answering the question set. The mark you get for your LLB will be completely dependant on your ability and expertise in writing essays. Correctly understanding what the question is asking of you goes way beyond understanding the topic to be covered in the essay; it also covers understanding the tasks inherent in the question, and the different elements which make up those tasks. Once you have understood that, the structure of your essay becomes very clear, which makes it easy to write.

We provide a low cost personalised "Understand the Question" service that will help you understand your essay question and guide you as to the key tasks you need to include in your answer, and the approach you will need to take with your essay structure.

When you submit your question is will be reviewed by one of our lecturers who will provide an explanation of what the question is REALLY asking and the approach and structure you should use to answer the question.


  • guidance from a fully qualified university law lecturer
  • improves essay marks by ensuring you answer the question in the right way and include the relevant points in your answer 

Feed Forward...

We provide a "Feed Forward" review service on your essays - submit your essay to us for review before submitting to your college or university and we will pre-mark it and provide feedback to ensure you have correctly interpreted the question and addressed the legal points asked.

When you submit your essay to us it will be reviewed and marked by one of our lecturers who will provide feedback on your legal arguments and interpretation of the law and relevant cases, together with feedback on linguistics, grammar and academic notation.


  • guidance and feedback from a fully university law lecturer
  • improves essay marks by ensuring you have answered the specific and implied points posed by the question
  • improves essay marks by ensuring that you have correctly identified and interpreted the law and cases that apply
  • improves essay marks with feedback on grammar, presentation, and referencing skills evidenced in the essay.

The Services

Understand the Question and Feed Forward are available for students up to Masters level covering the main legal topics of: English Legal System, Legal Ethics, Contract Law, Tort, Business Law, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, and EU Law


Training for Not-for-Profit or NGOs

We present both standard and bespoke courses on UK and EU law and policy aimed at the needs of not-for-profit and non-government organisations. Courses can range from basic overviews of EU law and policy areas, to sector specific topics.

All courses can be customised to suit your specific needs, and can be delivered either at our offices or your own premises.

Business Law Training

When you run a business you are perpetually operating in a legal environment, and pretty much everything you do is influenced by some aspect of law - whether it is dealing with customers or suppliers, managing staff, developing products or simply getting paid, everything is governed by legislation.

We provide cost-effective courses on UK and EU law and policy, aimed at meeting the needs of businesses and business managers.

Courses can range from basic contract law, negligence (tort) liability, through to employment law, and can cover the legal practicalities of trading across International and EU borders - dealing with debt recovery, or competition law and product distribution conflicts, for example - or areas of EU law that directly apply to UK businesses such as EU social and employment policy.

All our business law courses are intended to give you a basic practical knowledge of the topic to help you more clearly understand your legal rights and obligations during the day-to-day running of your business; our aim is to empower you in the management of your business so you can avoid the costly pitfalls of legal disputes.

We recommend that if a business has a specific training requirement that they contact us and tell us what training they are looking for. We will then put together a programme which focuses on the areas the client wants to cover, which ensures that the training budget is well targeted and and the training meets the business objectives. We do not charge extra for this service, but take this approach in order to ensure that our customers needs are met.


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